Sue Browdy: Five Decades of Work in Clay

I have worked in clay for more than 50 years. My early work, mostly on the wheel, was functional and strongly influenced by Hamada and Leach.



Gradually I switched to hand building, and introduced more sculptural elements into my functional pieces.



I also began to work with layers of different clays to create abstract designs, and produced pieces which, while still based on functional prototypes, were more appropriate for display than daily use.



In recent years I have concentrated on sculptural work, including abstract flat platters and rows of cylindrical forms. I have used shino glazes on many of my pieces, since it is a glaze that provides great variations in result depending on how it is mixed, applied and fired.


E14 copy

I fire both in a gas reduction kiln at cone 10, and in a Native American-style outdoor sawdust kiln, using terra sigillata on the surface of the form.



One of the great joys of ceramics is the potential for change and growth that it offers. Clay provides an almost infinite variety of forms of expression.


wall pipes

Although I feel that I have journeyed very far over the years, I look forward with pleasurable anticipation to finding whole new worlds in years to come.